Now there are a lot of great Online RPG games out for this centuries next-gen consoles…PS3 with Free Realms, PC with WoW, Xbox with the soon to be released Death Spank.  But there hasn’t been any news for an Online RPG for Wii.  A lot of people believe that a Fable spin-off would work perfectly for the console…replacing all the NPC’s and the protagonist himself with Miis.  Or maybe even an Online RPG of it’s own, revolving around the Mii.


It has been announced that Nintendo will release another Wii console in 2011…one that can support HD.  It’s a neat concept, but a cable was released in 2007…this connects into the back of the console thus granting it the ability to support HD.  President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo, Reginald Fils-Aim’e, states that an HD console will help bring a larger audience to the soon to be released Wii Netflix channel.

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